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*RESTOCK*the Vacker Shawls here !!!!!

Custom Made Shawls.  
Inspired by Indian Art design  

hot hot !!

  material : Jacquard Organza,100% silk.

breathable(tak panas like pashmina besar)
and classic look.

measurement : 173cm x 48cm

Price each :  RM 16.
wholesale:10pcs: RM 130
:::exclude postage :::
golden yellow color
1.reserved by nurzalita 1.sold,sis frm aussie
2.sold to slmh,singapore     1.sold to fina

 1.sold  to nor aisyah

1.reserved,sis frm aussie
3.sold to slmh,singapore    2.sold to fina

1.reserved,sis frm aussie

1.sold to de.  

1.reserved,sis frm aussie

*out of stock*  

2.sold to slmh,singapore

  1.sold to nor’ain 1.sold to  Julia
*out of stock*    
2.sold to slmh,singapore  1.sold to nor’ain   1.sold to de. 
1.sold to fina    1.SOLD OFFLINE 
*out of stock*  

1.sold to slmh,singapore 1.sold to fina


*out of stock*   

1.sold to zaireen 1.sold to aisyah  1.sold to fina

*out of stock*

1. sold to zaireen 1.sold to nor’ain 
1. sold to aisyah 2.sold to fina

*out of stock*  
1.sold to Alya Hanis  1.sold to Alia Munirah

2.sold to fina  1.sold to  Farah Azmi

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  1. i love these shawls! please restock! pretty please


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