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the Floral Shawls Stories ;)

SOLD out 

we bring to you few collection enhanced by the floral motive shawls. Very nice yet simple to wear. and easy to Shape,without Inner...

material : 100% polyester.
RM 10.exclude postage 
1.SOLD offline
THE white jasmine 
MATERIAL :cotton
RM 9.exclude postage 
1.sold nuri-s’pore.
 1.sold to sc (Australia)
the Underwater Flower..
  material : georgette
RM 9.exclude postage
1.sold to siti radiah,s’pore

flora in the garden of Lime.. 
     MATERIAL :polyester

            RM 9.exclude postage  

                  1.sold nuri-s’pore.
welcome to custom made floral shawls…

material : high quality Chiffon

Price :  RM 16 each
buy 2 and 3 at RM 13 each. :exclude postage:

sold to sis from aussie

1.sold nuri-s’pore.

:::floral polyester shawl:::


both-sold to sis from Aussie

material : polyester
1.sold to sis from Aussie

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  1. assalamualaikum and gud evening , hm . ade jual colourful dots shawl ? kalau ade mail kan saye , tengs 🙂


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