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Giveaway Headscarf and Duit Raya to all Bloggers!!

status : CLOSED
tempoh utk claim hadiah pemenang adalah sehingga 30 hb September.. ramai minta lanjutkan masa.tapi hadiah tidak semestinya akan dipos dalam bulan september juga yea.kalau boleh kami nak kumpulkan,n pos hadiah semua sekali gus dlm satu hari. Jika anda claim 1 oktober,sudah tidak sah lagi.hadiah anda kami pindahkan kpd org lain,sebab ini kan mcm event cabutan bertuah jg.Malam ni kami umumkan pemenang kat FB,Website,n kami akan cntct winner via INBOX FB,email. Jadi tolong respond cepat2..tq syg2 🙂

Hi people !! Let’s join our Giveaway nowwww!! 4 Days MoRE!!

Prizes :

Grand prize,Only one(4 items of shawl, tudung, pashmina, worth more than RM 60,and duit raya RM 5) evaluated from unique visitors (Traffic Sources) from your blog,and your blog’s content . 
     and 9 other consolation prizes : Headscarf (tudung/shawl worth more than RM 10) + Duit Raya RM 5

The consolation prizes winners  will be finalized by  .The Lucky Number will win. We will update all entry post from participants and your number on 25th of August, and  also some will be selected according to the most creative Entry Post and some maybe because you are so cool !! ehe! 

1)Open to Girls,ladies,and also Gentleman, Malaysian or non-Malaysian.

2)Must have- Blog,and Facebook account

3)Make an entry about this Giveaway. Write anything you wanna write. We don’t mind. Don’t forget to write our link :

4)Compulsory ,*disqualified if you miss any of them*:

      *Must become our follower of Blog ,

      *click ‘LIKE’ ,on our FanPage ‘Shawls Industry : Malaysia OnlineShop’ 
      *Put our banner on your Front Page(at side bar),until result announced! our Banner’s Code : 

    5)Inform us by sending email ,with title : Giveaway Headscarf and Duit raya to our email : with ID blog follower, ID Facebook(you used to like our page), Link of you entry.

    6)Opss! You will responsible for the Postage Charge if you win for contestant from Overseas, will be advised by email . Contact us first before you join! ). Within Malaysia : no postage charge!!

    Simple isn’t it ? 


    Giveaway due date : 27 August of 2011.
    Winner Announcement : 28 August. 
    28/8 until 3/9 for claiming the prizes. 

    For winners, in order to claim your prizes,make a shout from your FB wall only !! make a status,and tagged our fanpage in the status. example: ‘saya nak claim hadiah giveaway dari ‘Shawls Industry: Malaysia Online shop’ 🙂 

    Prizes will be sent vis Pos Register only,unless requested by the Winner to choose Pos Laju (Please Bank-In -RM 3 for this) 

    So Good luck !!!

    Note : Yang jejaka tu boleh lah hadiahkan tudung ni pada kekasih ke,isteri ke..lalalaa~

    35 responses »

    1. saya join…

      dah emailkan details kat email address tu…


    2. saya jaoin dah hantar enail dah…

    3. CK join.

      Id follower-cempaka kuning
      Id Fb-norzie hany
      Saya dah

    4. hii syeeda dah emailkan..

    5. Cik Reen jugaa…
      suda emailkan….
      sudi melawat n follow belog cik reen juga… love yaa.

      ID Folower : NurReen
      ID FaceBook : Nurul Azren

      Entry post in =>

    6. syu dah join..


    7. haii 🙂
      joined your GA !! 🙂
      i've done sent my details to your email 🙂

      my email :

    8. salam…
      cik firah join ^^

      i have sent my detail to ur email…

      my email :

    9. As Salam, say nak join !

      ID follower : N A T A S Y A ツ

      Facebook : Natasya Rosman

      Link :

      Saya da e-mel kan sekali


    10. sy dah email..:)

    11. hYe…
      j0in ur GA….
      dah send details kat e-mail…

    12. SALAM



    13. Hey there !

      I sent my details 🙂

      thank you 🙂

    14. salam..
      saya join~
      already sent my details by email 🙂

    15. salam,,,,

      saye join jgk ..:)

      emel :::

      saye da sent details kat ur emel …


    16. done…dah hantar detail kat email


    17. Salam Ramadan..

      Kak Nida sudah hantar emel, harap selamat diterima (

      Terima kasih 🙂

    18. saya nak join =D
      dah sent email..


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