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the rainbow of my life :0

Rainbow Shawls Inspired by Yuna
Custom made 3 tone shawl.
Material : Chiffon Silk
Price : RM 15 / US$ 6
exclude Shipping Cost
 Crumpled RAINBow Shawls
material : Soft Cotton.
No need to iron. Simple way to wear.

and fashionable colors too !
Price after SALE : RM 10 / US$ 5  
exclude Shipping Cost
2 more pieces available !!

material : Polyester mortada
Price :  RM 11 .exclude Postage. 
Wholesale price : most Welcome!!! :O but ,Request our E-catalogue please!!

1.sold to sis from Brunei 5.SOLD

1. SOLD to fisya 1.sold to zaliya 2.SOLD

2.sold SOLD OUT  2.sold. SOLD OUT

1.sold to zaliya  1.SOLD TO nazira 1.sold to hazlin
 1.sold to nazira

  Sold to sis from Brunei

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