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Pretty Shawls : Simple Style Shawls III

Various design of Simple style shawls here. ehh by the way why we are calling them simple style shawl?? ohh it’s just because they are just plain textured (made from georgette,chiffon and polyester material),only the color and design enchanting themselves. ahakss!! so hyperbolaa.. so you can style them in many and different ways. Very worth isn’t it?? come grab yours NowWW!!

Wholesale price : most Welcome!!! :O but please request our E-catalogue first 🙂

CS 19 , Price : RM 14. exclude postage cost.
material : 100% polyester


below ,Price : RM 11 each.exclude postage


material : Polyester Mortada.
material :Chiffon. superb design!!!


3 tone-georgette shawl

Purple + hiding paisely and the sun designed!!
material : polyester

purple plain

material : 100% polyester. easy to shape


 100%  polyester


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