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Paisley & Unique Design Shawls verse II

2 types of Size/ Measurement / Dimension :
Standard Sized Shawl (SS) : a bit longer than usual shawl in market ,is about 180 cm X 51 cm
Price each : RM 28 / USD 9
Hyperplasia Sized Shawl (HS) : wider and longer than usual shawl in the market,approximately 190 cm X 90 cm. extremely recommended to all Muslimah for better front and back coverage.
Price each : RM 58 / USD 20
.all price stated,exclude shipping cost.
(Promo,buy 2-5 pieces get FREE SHIPPING COST within MALAYSIA only and also Free Inner)
Wholesale price for 6 pieces minimum(shipping cost will be charged). Wholesale purchase and further info,please request our latest e-catalog,in the Order Form.


BATIK design. Material : High Quality of Cotton.Cooling material.
Dimension : +/- 180cm X +/- 51 cm .
Code : RI 21I in stock : (SS– 4.available )  I (HS- Not Available)
PAISLEY design. Material : 100% HIGH QUALITY of Crepe Cotton Italy. Very Superb Quality Fabric!  

Code : RI 16 I in stock : (SS– 1.available 1.SOLDI (HS- Not Available)

Code : RI 07 I in stock : (SS 2.available 6.SOLDI (HS- SOLD OUT )

Code : RI 05 I in stock : (SS– 3.available 1.reserved  6.SOLDI (HS– 1.available )

  Code : RI 09 I in stock : (SS 3.available 6.SOLDI (HS– 1.available )

Material : 100% HIGH QUALITY of Silky Chiffon
Dimension : +/- 160cm X +/- 52 cm .   
Code : RI 17 I in stock : (SS– 2.available 2.SOLDI(HS- Not Available)

Code : RI 18 I in stock : (SS– 5.available 1.SOLDI (HS- Not Available)

Code : RI 08 I in stock : (SS–  6.SOLD . SOLD OUTI (HS- Sold Out)

Singaporean ,Bruneian please click link below to view which item available at our Main Online International Distibutor (SG /BN) : 
Shawls Industry : Singapore OnlineShop

Shawls Industry : Brunei OnlineShop

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