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Dian Pelangi and PAISLEY Vintage Cotton Bawal

 Dian Pelangi is a young fashion designer, born in South Sumatra, Indonesia on January, 14, 1991,who made a big splash at  Jakarta Fashion Week. At age 18, her cutting-edge Muslim fashions for young women are beginning to attract local and international attention. Her father  is a garment-owner, and her mother is a boutique-owner. Her Bawal (which is a type of Square Scarf) hijab style has become become a big wave and dominant in Malaysia. So here dearies, to show our love and support towards this amazing girl,we have released the imported pieces of Bawal Square Scarves,with the theme : Paisley and Vintage and let you get them, style like Dian Pelangi,you would feel more elegant and wearing hijab as easy as breathing..

 Info and Pictures source : Dian Pelangi ( ) ,The Jakarta Globe (,Google,Facebook. Pictures are the courtesy of Dian Pelangi and the respected blog/website.
PAISLEY Vintage Cotton Bawal Square Scarf
(tudung 4 segi bercorak paisley vintage yang unik!)
Imported pieces!
Material : Cotton Bawal.
Dimension : 40 X 40 inch
Price : RM 33 / USD 10.50. exclude shipping cost. 
(Promo,buy 2-5 pieces get FREE SHIPPING COST within MALAYSIA only and also Free Shawl)
Wholesale price for 6 pieces minimum(shipping cost will be charged). Wholesale purchase and further info,please request e-catalog,in the Order Form.

 Code : PVBC 02 I 1.available I
 Code : PVBC 03   I 2.available I
 Code : PVBC 05     I 3.available I

 Code : PVBC 01     I 1.Sold. SOLD OUT I
 Code : PVBC 04    I 1.Sold. SOLD OUT  I

Unique green sQuare Scarf.
Code : SQ 020 I material : 100% polyester  I Price : RM 7. In set with inner : RM 12
I 1.Available     2.Sold I
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