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Exclusive Paisley Vintage Indian Satin Silk Square Scarves 1m X 1m (Open For Booking!)

Assalamualaykum, Hi dear,

 Introduce you, the upcoming Exclusive PAISLEY VINTAGE Indian Satin Silk Square Scarves( 1m X 1m) Wholesale set,mix ,assorted design of Paisley Vintage and Color. 
Original Satin silk imported 100% directly by us from India.
Booking is open for faster distribution after arrival of the scarves.
 Currently this is for wholesale purchase only,we will open for retails with single photo and code.
Price for each Package (estimation /anggaran),with promo price :
Package  A : 50 pcs  : RM 750
              B : 24 pcs : RM 408
              C : 15 pcs : RM 285
              D : 6 pcs  : RM 150
        free shipping cost within Malaysia via Poslaju.
BRUNEI – Including Shipping Cost via International Standard Delivery(12 working days). Payment through Bank Baiduri,Western Union, Paypal
                  A : 50 pcs : BND 350
                  B : 24 pcs : BND 250
                  C : 15 pcs : BND 150

                  D :   6 pcs : BND  90

SINGAP0RE- Including Shipping Cost via International Standard Delivery(7 working days). Payment through POSB Saving Account,Western Union, Paypal
                  A : 50 pcs : SGD 350
                  B : 24 pcs : SGD 250
                  C : 15 pcs : SGD 150
                  D :   6 pcs : SGD  90
Kindly please fill up the Order Form here for Booking purposes. 
Payment need to be done by 15th of March 2012, only after that we will proceed with packaging & delivery of your order.
Pembayaran perlu dilakukan bermula dari 15 mac 2012. Setelah itu barulah kami akan membuat penghantaran terus kepada anda 🙂
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